What can we really see of a person in a photograph? 
What does the camera take from them, and what do we get?
When cameras first became portable, early travelling photographers met different cultures.
Cultures that had had never seen a photo of a person before. 
This marked the spread of a belief that a that when you took a person’s photograph you took away their soul.
Soul theft. Photographs of us once had that much power, took that much soul.
Today humans take billions of selfies and the vast majority get little soul beyond likeness. 

The Dreams We Have project takes a persons’ photograph and their dream at the same time.
A kind of photographic dream census experiment.
Someones’ handwritten dream next to an unexpressive photograph of them.
What soul does the dream add to the photograph?
What soul does the photograph add to the dream?
How do you judge a person now you know what’s inside them?
What do the dreams we have say about us?

Our conscious dreams speak to us about what’s going on in our lives, they guide us through difficult times, and point us towards what we really, truly and deeply want and need to live the lives we're meant to live.
Even the most sceptical, unspiritual people have profoundly mystical, magical, surreal unconscious dreams. They’re a huge unshared, unexplored, uncharted, unexplained part of the human experience.