Joel Brian Pratley

Age : 26
Occupation : Photographer
Hometown : Oak Flats, NSW, Australia
“ In my dream, I was walking along on my own in what I think was my hometown. I was noticed by a gang at the other end of the street, they immediately began to chase me down, I ran for my life and eventually fell under a tree in a park. As they closed in around me I was suddenly imbued with super human powers and fought them off until they fleed. The power I had just been given was from this tree, a tree of life.

The dream continued for what seemed a long time, people, good people learnt of the tree and travelled from all over to be given its power. Strangely I became a leader of all these powerful “tree of life” worshippers.

Soon however, evil modern day forces wanted to destroy it. In the next moment a full scale war assault was thrown at us and the Free. There was only a few dozen of us it seemed against an overwhelming amount of thousands, tanks, planes, soldiers.

We had superman powers, but it wasn’t enough, as The Tree of Life and us were about to be destroyed. I woke up.

The dream was so vivid, I wrote it down on my phone notes in the middle of the night.

I’ll never forget this one ”.

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