Lauren McArliffe

Age : 18
Occupation : "Muso"
Hometown : Maroubra, Stdney, NSW, Australia

“ I had a dream where there was a mass genocide in Australia of Christians. I volunteered to be the first person to be killed. Me, my ex-boyfriend and his best friend were at one of my old highschools. We watched the kids that weren’t Christian run out of the school. For some reason we were excited. The teacher lined us all up and loaded the gun. I stood in front of her. I dodged the first bullet Matrix style. Then I calmly prepared myself for death. As the bullet left the gun in less than a second I felt myself fall to the ground and a weird sensation in my brain where the bullet had lodged itself. It wasn’t painful at all! I then felt my soul leave my body through my head and as I rose up and out I could see everything happening around my dead body. My brains were scattered all over the floor. I felt an overwhelming intensity of emotions of love, freedom and confusion. My first thought whilst out of my body was I SHOULD HAVE WROTE A BOOK ABOUT THIS FUCK! I know that I was dreaming but I questioned it at the same time.

I really wanna write a book about it now. IT’S SO CRAZY! ”.

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